Wednesday, December 23, 2015

In the room

Woah! that was a close one.You lock your door and ring Jacob
"Hey its me"
"Hey whats up"Jacob replies,shock clearly visible in his voice.
"Look i don't have much time.I am grounded and my parents are going to take my phone."
"Oh that sucks,I was looking forward to talking with you."
"I know me too"You reply frustrated that it will end this way.
"Wait! You can come visit me at my place.I live in house#637 at Kennedy Street"
"Jacob I will try my best.Gotta go now" You say hanging up the phone.
                               After dinner when your parents have gone to bed,you realize now its your chance.You walk on tip tow and slowly unlock the door.Once you are in car you punch the air in excitement.The streets are all deserted,its only 7 pm but there is no sign of life.It takes you a few minutes before you finally find Jacob's home.You are about to knock the door when you hear a girl scream from inside

Knock the door

Call the cops

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