Sunday, May 22, 2016

Part 7 Melissa dead

                      You sit alone on a swing, the park is completely deserted.You don't know whether to feel happy or sad.Melissa used to be one of the most important person in your life but that was before she showed her real face.

"Will you attend my funeral best friend?" The screechy voice of Melissa rings into your ear.The voice you thought you would never hear again.You turn around to find her dressed in black robes.
"I thought you were de--ad"
"Oh no, i wasn't going to die before taking your life.That car thing was just a stint to fool the cops.Now they believe i am dead so they won't be looking for me"
You stand there in horror as the fear and cold wind send shivers down your body.
"You know why i am dressed in black robes?" Melissa asks
"Well today is a very sad day.Today my best friend dies."Melissa says wrapping the iron chains of swing around your neck.
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