Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Romantic Stories

Stories based on love desire and lust:

These collection of short romantic stories based on daily life events deal with tragedy,romance,heartbreak,sadness and many more emotions.
          Lets play a story (For girls)
                Now you get to play the story as you become the main character and the outcome of the story depends on your decisions.Choose the people you want in your life and kick out the ones that give you a hard
time.Dance,Party,Draw,Read,Cook and go out with different people.All is not well though,someone is stalking you and wants to take "revenge". 
         The relationship between Zack and Lauren is really complicated.There are many challenges to overcome but Zack hasn't given up on her as he decides to make the bond stronger and make her fall in love with him.

                    Summer Romance
                                                                                 In the heat of the summer Alex meets an unlikely stranger.She is everything he ever wanted but it's not that easy to impress "Miss Perfect".

                   One night Together    
             Two coworkers have to spend the night together in the same room and to make matters worst,there is only one bed in the room.

Large online collection of Romantic Stories with monthly additions.Classic and new ones so you can choose which story fits your mood.Were you looking for romantic short stories online free or were you interested in romantic short stories for adults.We have got it all for you.These classic romantic short stories will keep you entertained.

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